A warm and welcoming foyer area can create a bold first impression and sweep your visitors off their feet. It is also an excellent space to organize your shoes and other accessories in order to keep your home clutter-free. A modern foyer design is all about making the best use of this tiny yet prominent entry space to make a great first impression.


A shoe rack is a storage unit designed for holding shoes. Shoe racks may be free-standing to place inside a closet or may be built into a closet organizer system. The right type of rack for you depends on the number of shoes you have to store and where in your home you want to store shoes.


Many people who don't have a foyer area for shoe racks can go for like partition cum shoe rack unit we'll divide the living and foyer area so above we have a few design ideas.

Shoe racks can be added to entryway closets to avoid the clutter of shoes in the hallway near the front or back door of a home. Some people like to keep a small shoe rack near doors to hold shoes worn daily and/or guest's shoes. While the looped type can typically be only used to hold shoes, shoe shelves can be used to store practically anything from rolls of gift wrap to children's toys to extra pantry supplies. Free-standing racks usually fit into any type of closet and keep items organized and out of sight.