After seeing so many mobile phones store furniture displays, do you have a favourite style? We can find that the style of furniture in the mobile phone store is the same as the style of the entire store. That is, the colour of our walls or logo is the same as the colour of our furniture. If you want to buy furniture for your store, you can send us your store floor plan, and we will design the furniture inside according to your store size and your requirements.

The main colour of the cell phone shop we are going to introduce today is white, so the colour of our furniture can also be white. From the design drawing, we can see that this store is rectangular. For stores with a much larger length than width, we will first make a row of tall cabinets against the wall. If there is space in the middle, we will make some low-glass display cabinets. In addition to the display cabinet, we also need a front desk to help us work. The display cabinets in general stores are not exactly the same. We can get the showcases on the left and right sides, the left is the glass and laminate display, and the right is the slot plate display. Let’s see the details.