Restaurant bars are the ultimate space for relaxing and unwinding. They are also a place designed to attract customers. A great design not only gets customers past the threshold but allows them to crowd around your counter for drinks. When conceptualized and well executed, a modern restaurant bar design can entice customers and convert them into regulars. Developing a modern design for your restaurant bar interior means playing with a lot of imagination, using relevant colors that reflect the design and concept, and providing a warm and cozy atmosphere. 

1. Ambiance

Modern and contemporary restaurant bars typically have their own preference for interior design using different light effects which blend with the bar counter and the desired atmosphere. As a general rule, using the right type of materials and design elements is one of the best ways to create a modern bar interior and ambiance. These usually include wooden bar seating, textured or carpeted floor, bright color palette and most importantly, lighting. Lighting is the single most important aspect of the modern bar design since it sets the ambiance.

Lighting captures all the eye-catching design details of a modern restaurant bar. It should also enhance the visual presentation of the cuisine served as well as the menu, artwork, furniture and of course, other guests! Creative placement of hanging lights from the ceiling, wall art and decorations, and giving some space to the aquarium, for example, is like adding the spice to the flavor of modern styling and design.

2. Furniture and Seating Layout

Restaurant furniture design and layout is the key element that plays a very crucial role in achieving a well-designed modern restaurant bar look. The seating layout should be designed in a way that keeps the bar counter separate or at a distance from the dining room. Many people don’t like it when the bar area overlaps with the dining room. Padded back wood chairs and bar stools lined against the counter or with butcher block wood tables add to the comfort factor. Wood furnishings should be varnished smoothly and evenly.

The color of the tables and chairs should match. The curved design and silhouette seamlessly incorporate into the overall modern bar interior. Crisp upholstery of vinyl or fabric in the seating area is the general rule and is an integral part of establishing a color palette and supporting the modern interior bar settings as well.

3. Bar Furniture

Just accommodating modern bar furniture and design to a restaurant doesn’t make the venue perfect. Other factors are needed to create a cool, modern and pleasant atmosphere. There is more to a modern bar than just the stereotypical black-and-white color scheme. Strong contrasts are a major part in a modern restaurant bar interior design and they give it a stylish and impressive look. A modern bar has a color palette that includes two dominant colors with contrasting undertones to add visual appeal to the space, making it bright and roomy.

The design also relies on geometrical shapes including squares and rectangles along with graceful curves at times. You can mix up square tables with round chairs or the reverse for the ultimate wow effect. A smooth blend of furniture, light, and placement of innovative art pieces are the key ingredients in a recipe for achieving the best of the modern restaurant and bar design.