Do you have a rooftop terrace, then you know that the opportunities are endless. The rooftop sunny day parties, sunbathing sessions, that cozy romantic spot, weekend party or even open work-from-home space.

Having a rooftop terrace in their home or apartment is one of the most fortunate things someone can have, especially in cities. Growing a garden, and planting some shrubs and vegetables on the terraces are some conventional yet delightful practices by people, (who wouldn’t want to see a new flower or fruit on that plant you spent watering every day)

Having a rooftop garden is refreshing and is therapy for the mind. But apart from gardening, there are loads of design styles that you can use to reinvent this outdoor space. In this blog, we cover the best rooftop design ideas for houses.

A rooftop terrace home design especially the rooftop design for a small house in an urban stretch acts as a connection between the users and the surroundings while providing a breathable private space. It is the space where users should feel truly comfortable, embodied in a connective landscape. During times when being indoors is undeniable, a rooftop getaway is one of the convenient choices to bring diversity to one’s daily life.


You better get that barrels and used crates from the sales. Take that thick rope to create a vertical pergola. If you want a more farmhouse look, you should go for a wooden desk and table made of the bark of a tree.


Set up a few poles on the corners of your roof, tie ropes from one end to another now spread those warm string lights, and there you have your rooftop for all types of parties. Place some planter boxes here and there, a table, few chairs now enjoy the transition. These are the most simple and cost-effective ways to create an ambiance for everyone.


When you have a diverse climate it may not be always practical to stick up to an open-to-sky theme. 

Get yourself some modular sunshades or umbrellas where you can sit safely and enjoy the monsoon and summer in a relaxed way. Set up a wide wooden (weatherproof) deck and give a makeover to your rooftop space.

Enjoy the monsoon while seating on your rooftop terrace and having hot coffee.