The living room can be considered the heart of the house. Sure, we don’t sleep or eat in the living room. But it is where we welcome our guests and entertain our friends and relatives. It is also where we spend most of our time with our family members except for the kitchen. And in terms of decoration, it is in the living room where we hang out with the rest of the family after a long day at work or even during the weekend.


From bulky boxes to slim and sleek TV sets, television has undergone a huge revolution in its shape and size. Along with that modern TV units to has also witnessed a transformation. The change is for the better! Although the TV has shifted from a stand to a wall, still TV units are needed to hold the home entertainment system. When TV is installed in the living room, apart from practicality, the modern homeowner wants it to enhance the aesthetics of the space. With the modern materials available for furniture, it gives freedom to make the shapes of the unit as different and unusual as the human imagination. We have brought you functional and beautiful TV units designed by Interior Design Bangalore. Have a look for inspiration! 


1. Pooja unit on a wooden pedestal in the living room

Compact and defined by simplicity, this wooden pooja unit fits perfectly against a narrow wall, creating a beautiful piece of wall décor for the living room. Two drawers under the pedestal are designed to store the pooja essentials. 

2. A living room wall dedicated to the pooja unit

One wall of the living room is converted into a beautiful temple of wood and marble. A backlit wall displaying a picture of Radha-Krishna, small bells, hanging lamps and a shiny brass idol of Ganesha create a pious atmosphere.  An elevated platform separates the pooja unit from the rest of the room and defines it as a space for pooja and meditation. 

3. Compact pooja unit in the living room

A well-defined wall-mounted pooja unit with a backlit pedestal and a beautifully carved wooden backdrop will surely elevate the look of any living room with its presence.

4. Marble and wood pooja unit

Designed in a corner, an elegant pooja unit made with marble and wood is separated from the rest of the room by a wooden partition for privacy while praying. A hanging brass bell and back-lit wall further enhance the look of the pooja space.

5. Chic and contemporary pooja unit in the living room

his innovatively designed pooja unit becomes an integral part of the living room with its pure elegance. The wall-mounted wooden cabinet in two different shades and long panels of mirror placed at an angle adds depth and style to the pooja unit. Its modern design is chic and stunning.

6. Pooja unit at the entrance of the living room

Designed right at the entrance of the living room, this pooja unit rests on a fixed wooden swing. A cabinet under it has space to store other household items too apart from the pooja essentials. 

7. Extended pooja unit in the living room

The TV unit of the living room is extended to form the pooja area. This pooja unit also doubles up as the partition dividing the integrated social area in the small apartment.

8. Customised pooja cabinet in the living room

An independent cabinet has been customized to house the pooja unit. It stands tall in the living room with its intricate jali work on the sides and glass doors that keep the idols visible even when the doors are closed. 

Living Room Divider Partition

A wall partition design is a stylish way to transform your dull living space into a chic and elegant area that sets the tone for the entire house. If you are a fan of open spaces and you don’t want your home to be classified into boring, separate rooms, it’s time to get rid of those solid walls and take a look at hall partition ideas for your living room. 


The balcony is a beautiful, dreamy and cozy outdoor space, especially in city homes. It doesn’t matter whether it is tiny or big. What matters is how we design and decorate it to make it a gorgeous little retreat for relaxation, where we can see the sky and breathe fresh air without stepping out of the house. The best thing about the balcony design is that it can have a style independent of that of the home décor. Have a look at these fantastic balcony designs and get ideas and inspiration to design a small balcony in your home.

Bright colour on a small balcony

Brighten up the day and night on a small balcony by painting it in bright sunshine yellow. A bold colour will make it lively and elevate the mood even on gloomy rainy days

Minimalist design for a small balcony

Jazz up the balcony by keeping it simple and comfortable with just a swing for seating and covering the floor with a patch of artificial grass. The simple and minimalist décor is perfect for a narrow or tiny balcony that can’t accommodate more than one or two people.