Is there an office interior design project in your near future? If you are opening a new office or expanding or renovating your existing space, we would like to share some important considerations that will help to make your project a success.

First and foremost, when considering interior design for any business type, there are a few points that should be taken into account in combination with what we are about to share today. These include functionality, brand identity, creativity and uniqueness, budget and schedule.. When talking about office interior design specifically, there are a number of other points that require discussion with your interior designer at the onset of your project.


Our efforts towards client satisfaction have led us in offering a reliable range of manager room interior design services. These services are rendered by a team of skilled interior designers as per the industrial laid standers within the committed time frame. Besides, owing to our efficient space planning, client-centric approach and excellent colour schemes we are widely preferred by various numbers of clients.


Boardroom meetings are often an inevitable part of th­e day, but your space doesn’t have to be boring and outdated. With just a few simple design and technology improvements, a new boardroom design may make your meetings more efficient, enjoyable and productive.

Like conference rooms, boardrooms can vary in size, but many accommodate anywhere from 8-10 people comfortably. A boardroom setup typically involves a long rectangular table with chairs on all sides, while conference rooms can incorporate theater or classroom-style seating or a U-shape.

Below are five boardroom design trends nowadays that can help you get the most out of your meetings.

1. LED Video Walls

LED video walls aren’t just for big flashy meeting spaces. They were once hard to acquire and costly, but now LED video walls are much more affordable – and come in a range of sizes so you can easily fit one within your boardroom.

LED technology is also a vast improvement over projectors or monitors. Bring your boardroom to the next level by displaying vibrant colors and high-quality, sharp images that look great from any angle. Plus, LED video walls are energy efficient and don’t require a lot of maintenance.

2. Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are a great boardroom design enhancement. Combined with Zoom video conference capabilities, this piece of technology allows you to deliver a more dynamic presentation. They come in a variety of display sizes as well as single display systems or multiple screens.

What can do you with an interactive whiteboard? Combined with your video conferencing platform, you can annotate documents and photos, save and email files, record meetings and collaborate virtually with team members.

The displays are interactive, so your team can hold boardroom meetings, briefings and training sessions using digital resources. Participants can open files, websites and multimedia and use whiteboard pens to write in digital ink directly into applications such as Microsoft Word, Visio, Excel and PowerPoint.

3. Video Conferencing

If face-to-face meetings aren’t possible, you should opt for the next best thing: video conferencing. This technology is a must for modern boardroom design. Software programs such as Zoom allow you to video conference, use interactive whiteboards and share screens.

Don’t forget the video conference equipment (cameras, speakers, etc.), and make sure you have the right software. If you’re looking for recommendations, here are the best video conferencing software platforms of the year.

4. Clear Acoustics

Boardrooms are often intended for private conversations, so it’s important to ensure you have the proper sound management. There are sound absorption techniques that can equip your space with privacy and discretion. Acoustic art panels can be customized with images, brand colors, logos and other designs to make sure your boardroom is aesthetically pleasing and unique.

5. Personalize Your Boardroom

Color and creativity aren’t just reserved for conference rooms or large meeting spaces. A boardroom, just like any other space, doesn’t have to be sparsely decorated or drab. Forget the blank white walls and harsh lighting – and think about adding color, custom-branded signage, or an inspiring piece of art.

You can also enhance your boardroom design with furniture, which comes in a range of sizes and hues. Tables are now available in everything from gray and mahogany to cherry and maple with laminate and wood veneer finishes. Curious about seating options? You can select a variety of boardroom chairs, including cushioned, comfortable ergonomic possibilities with back and neck support. Or you can opt for sleek, modern-looking seats in an assortment of bright or neutral colors.

Just remember that while a personalized design is important, you don’t want to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics.

We’re happy to provide consultative services to help you find a solution that fits both your boardroom design needs and budget. From our knowledgeable sales team to our expert engineers, there’s a team member ready to help you.

Contact us with any questions or to get started on increasing the productivity of your meetings!