Designing a shoe rack with partitions is a smart way to organize and showcase your footwear collection. Here are some creative ideas. Modular Cube Shelving: Utilize cube-shaped shelves with removable partitions. Customize the size of each cube to accommodate various shoe types. Allows flexibility for changing the configuration as needed.

Grid-style Organizer: Design a grid pattern with partitions for each shoe. Ideal for displaying a large collection with a structured and organized look. Easily expandable by adding more grid units.

Adjustable Slanted Shelves: Create slanted shelves with adjustable partitions. Perfect for showcasing shoes while allowing easy access. Accommodates various shoe sizes and styles.

Geometric Wall-Mounted Rack: Install a wall-mounted rack with geometrically shaped partitions. Adds a modern and artistic touch to your shoe storage. Perfect for limited floor space.

Angled Floating Shelves: Incorporate floating shelves with angled partitions. Allows for an aesthetically pleasing display of shoes. Ideal for emphasizing the design of each pair.

Ladder-Style Partitioned Rack: Design a shoe rack with ladder-style partitions. Offers a unique and dynamic visual element. Allows for easy visibility and access to each pair. 

Roll-out Drawer Design:  Create roll-out drawers with internal partitions. Perfect for deep closets or under-bed storage. Maximizes space and keeps shoes neatly organized. 

Bookshelf-style Shoe Rack: Repurpose a bookshelf design with adjustable partitions. Provides a multifunctional display for both books and shoes. Allows customization based on shoe heights.

Stepped Tiered Shelves: Construct tiered shelves with stepped partitions. Graduated heights showcase shoes in an organized manner. Ideal for smaller spaces where floor space is limited.

Circular Revolving Organizer: Design a circular shoe rack with revolving partitions. Offers a 360-degree view of your shoes. Adds a playful and functional design element.

Nested Box Storage: Create a shoe rack with nested boxes and partitions. Each box can house a pair of shoes with partitions for separation. Provides a neat and modular solution.

Color-Coded Cubbies: Divide the shoe rack into color-coded cubbies with partitions. Organize shoes based on colour or style for a visually appealing look. Facilitates easy selection of shoes.

When designing a shoe rack with partitions, consider the overall aesthetic of your space, the number and types of shoes you own, and the available storage area. The goal is to create an organized, visually pleasing, and easily accessible solution for your footwear collection.